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Natural history. Teaching. Writing. All have form, all have function. But just as no architecture is risk-free, no architecture is neutral. In this personal essay, I explore the surprising connections that develop when university students engage with natural history as way of knowing the ground underfoot.

FJ1_Abbott.jpg (875 kB)
Natural history field journal frontispiece, 2016. Megan Abbott.

FJ2_Baldwin.jpg (5138 kB)
Perlagonium (geranium) spp., petiole and stem, stained with tol blue, lab journal excerpt, 2016. Lyn Baldwin.

FJ3_Ellis.jpg (966 kB)
The culture living in landscape, field journal excerpt, 2016. Madison Ellis.

FJ4_Abbott.jpg (792 kB)
Tranquille Road, field journal excerpt, 2016. Megan Abbott.

FJ5_Baldwin.jpg (19278 kB)
Lac Du Bois, field journal excerpt, 2016. Lyn Baldwin.

FJ6_Reith.jpg (860 kB)
Swimming with knowledge, field journal excerpt, 2016. Chelsea Reith.

FJ7_Baldwin.JPG (4824 kB)
Cedar, salmon, and Polytrichum at the Adams River, field journal excerpt, 2014. Lyn Baldwin.