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Music education programs are uniquely situated within Canadian universities as most disciplines do not offer honours education programs at the undergraduate level. Within faculties of music, honours music education students engage in both practical and philosophical preparation for their teaching careers prior to acceptance and enrolment at a Faculty of Education. These students often return to departments of music education to pursue graduate work after having taught music within public or private school systems.

Music teachers regularly teach children with special needs within self-contained as well as integrated or inclusive classrooms. Research indicates that music educators are enthusiastic about the prospect of teaching children with diverse needs but feel underprepared as to how to teach them effectively. Music therapists have specific training in using music with individuals who have diverse needs so as to help these specific individuals accomplish goals in both musical and non-musical domains. This introductory workshop, led by a music therapist, will develop graduate students’ understanding of music therapy and introduce them to techniques based on music therapy literature. Relevant also for undergraduate music education students, as well as for pre-service and practicing teachers, this workshop addresses ways to further cultivate practical skills that are useful for any music educator. Although the content is specific to working with children in self-contained special-needs classes, applications to inclusive classrooms will be acknowledged throughout this workshop as well.


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