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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Biological and Chemical Sciences


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Dr. Frédérique Guinel

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Dissertation co-supervisor

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Dr. Pedro Antunes

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Dissertation co-supervisor


With growing concerns about agricultural sustainability and food security, the use of rock fertilizers and agrominerals is receiving renewed interest. A wide variety of geological resources have been proposed as crop nutrient sources, with silicate rocks the predominant focus. Carbonatite rocks are known to weather more readily than silicate rocks; yet, they have received relatively little attention as it is thought their high Ca and Mg contents hinder effective nutrient release. However, there is strong evidence that the nutrients within carbonatite rocks are easily accessible to plants, and that these rocks have noticable effects on crop plant growth. Here I propose a framework to understand the mode of action of carbonatites on soil fertility and plant nutrition by integrating research at multiple scales, i.e., from individual plants to the ecosystem, including soil microorganisms. The model stems from greenhouse experiments on two crops, pea and wheat, and an extensive survey of the carbonatite deposit. It is emphasized that a systems-approach must be taken when examining carbonatites as their effects are strongly context-dependent, and there is evidence that a three-way interaction between plant-carbonatite-microorganisms is responsible for some of the observed effects on plants. The framework presented is intended not only to synthesize the current knowledge on carbonatites as rock fertilizers but also to guide future research on this and other similar geological resources.

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