Early in July I was called back to Battery H.Q. and briefed on Operation “Charnwood,” after which I went back to the troop and told the sergeants who in turn gave the information to the crews so that everyone knew what was intended and could carry on should he end up as senior man. The gist of the briefing was that an attack was to start by the English on our left at 0700 hours and would proceed south through Buron, Gruchy and Authie just north of Carpiquet airport by mid-morning, after which the Canadian 9th Brigade on the left and the 7th Brigade on the right would move east through their ground and drive to Caen. General FU with whom the division was very familiar and who had a large part in our training in England, was very much in evidence. The English advance was held up and 9th Brigade, according to my notes, moved in and took the villages and 7th Brigade went east to the Abbaye Ardenne and Caen.

My recollection of one 48-hour period with the most action of any is as follows.