Donya Mosleh

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This MRP critically interrogates the concepts of biomedical healthim and holistic healthism. The existing literature posits that holistic healthism is conceived as the positive solution to the restraints of biomedical healthism. Grounded in an analysis of obesity, the main assertion of the MRP concerns the way in which both forms of healthism are not oppositional, but rather, create a continuum. As such, the MRP argues that both forms of healthism are differing processes which work to foster the same end goal of achieving optimum health. Consequently, the MRP will also argue that healthism is a metaphysical ideal/ethos in which biomedical and holistic paradigms are subsumed under. Situated in neither Health Studies nor Fat Studies, the MRP will consider the implications for a life expressed and finally provide suggestions for an alternative conception to the restrictive lens of healthism.