Nicolas Saville

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Social Justice and Community Engagement


The purpose of this qualitative study was to better understand how well-being is articulated in the gender identity accommodation policies and procedures of Southern Ontario school boards. I conducted a critical thematic policy analysis of 13 policies and procedures from 10 English-speaking public-school boards in Southern Ontario. Combined lenses of queer theory and Foucauldian analysis were used to understand how school board policies and procedures act as discourse and reproduce cisgenderist power. Results indicate that the well-being of gender diverse students is not equitably articulated within school board accommodation policies and procedures. Specifically, school boards engage in cisgenderist discourse and problematization patterns that adhere to the gender binary and uphold safety risks for gender diverse students in schools. This research problematizes an individualized approach to accommodation and recommends a more critical restructuring of school board policy and school culture in order to be more inclusive and better the well-being of gender diverse students.