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In an effort to investigate a possible relation between geometry and information, we establish a relation of the Ricci scalar in the Robertson-Walker metric of the cosmological Friedmann model to the number of information 𝑁 and entropy 𝑆.This is with the help of a previously derived result that relates the Hubble parameter to the number of information 𝑁.We find that the Ricci scalar has a dependence which is inversely proportional to the number of information 𝑁 and entropy 𝑆. Similarly, a nonzero number of information would imply a finite Ricci scalar, and therefore space time will unfold. Finally, using the maximum number of information existing in the universe, we obtain a numerical value for the Ricci scalar to be O(10βˆ’52)mβˆ’2.


"Geometry of the Universe and Its Relation to Entropy and Information" originally appeared in Advances in Astronomy and is licensed under CC BY 3.0. Copyright Β© 2013 I. Haranas and I. Gkigkitzis.