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Department of Physics and Computer Science


Gold, hyperthermia, ultrasound


We have previously proposed a method of treating solid tumors with a combination of gold macro-rods irradiated with ultrasound. Macro particle sized rods offer a greater circumferential treatment area over nanoparticle options. Experimental studies were conducted to investigate the heat enhancement and the bio-heat transfer to breast chicken using gold macro rod and ultrasound. An ultrasound, other than a focused ultrasound, may produce heat enough to cook a chicken breast up to about 1 cm diameter if a single gold rod is placed on the superficial tissue. Simulations and experimental results will provide the means to evaluate the treatment, to better design a patient-specific therapy to achieve maximum destruction of tumor and injury minimization of healthy tissue by controlling size, shape and location of gold seeds and ultrasound parameters.


"An Experimental Study on the Heat Enhancement and the Bio-Heat Transfer Using Gold Macro Road and Ultrasound" was originally published in Physics International 5(2): 132-135 and is licensed under CC BY 3.0.