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Transforming Front-Line Child Welfare Practices (2010)

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Faculty of Social Work


This retrospective technical report supports the summary of outcomes of accessible and central child protection service delivery as found in the Synthesis Report (Cameron, Hazineh & Frensch, 2010): Transforming Front-Line Child Welfare Practice: The Impacts of Institutional Settings on Services, Employment Environments, Children, and Families. The focus of this and other working reports is on the inclusion of all information relevant to the specific topic of investigation. The intent of working reports is to inform the synthesis report and include more information than what appears in the synthesis report. Less emphasis, however, is placed in the working reports on style and efficiency of presentation than on inclusion of information. The non-retrospective technical report supporting the outcomes in the Synthesis Report can be found on the Partnerships for Children and Families Project website. The main synthesis report and other working reports are also available through the Partnerships for Children & Families Project web site.