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Positive Systems of Child and Family Welfare International Conference (2002)

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Faculty of Social Work


Sweden has no special Children’s Act because regulations on children are included in the Social Services Act from 1980, supplemented by an act regulating compulsory care. Child and Family welfare has a family support orientation rather than a child protection orientation. No time limit provided by the law put an end to family support or out-of-home care, but interventions are reviewed every six months. The paper presents some facts about Sweden, gives and overview of the legal framework, family maintenance services and out-of-home care. Further details are given about contact person/family as one of the most frequently used statutory support services for children and families. As an example of the decentralised social services in Sweden, the organisation of child and family welfare in the district of Rosengaard in the city of Malmoe is described. The paper ends with reflections and debated issues in child and family welfare in Sweden.