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Positive Systems of Child and Family Welfare International Conference (2002)

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Faculty of Social Work


This paper provides an overview of the exciting national developments in First Nations child and family service delivery in Canada with a focus on progressive research, policy and practice. Examples of how traditional concepts of interdependence and the holistic worldview inform program design and delivery within First Nations communities are reviewed. In addition, the paper introduces the mandate, strategic directions and services of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada. This national organization brings together the 105 First Nations Child and Family Service Agencies in Canada to share best practices, develop professional development programs and conduct research. Emerging policy and research programs within the society are highlighted. FNCFCS, with the generous support of the Voluntary Sector Initiative, will be developing resources and programs to foster effective policy making and program design between First Nations child and family service programs, the public, private and voluntary sectors. These programs are intended to enhance interdisciplinary cooperation and practice in order to meet the needs of First Nations children, families and communities. Special emphasis is also be placed on the First Nations research agenda and the associated steps to increase research capacity within First Nations communities through the Health Canada Child Welfare Centre of Excellence First Nations Research Site in Winnipeg Manitoba.