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Fall 2011


Faculty of Music


Danielson & McGreal (2000) state that an effective teacher evaluation system must contain three elements: ai) a coherent definition of the domain of teaching - "What," b2¡ techniques for assessing all aspects of teaching -"How," and c3) trained evaliiators who can make consistent judgments about performance - "Who." In part one I have examined some of the issues associated with these three areas and in part two which will appear in the next journal 1 designed present a potential music teacher evaluation system that contains these elements for the school system in Ontario, Canada. On the whole, the proposed system is designed to help teachers feel that they have been fairly evaluated by professionals with relevant pedagogical knowledge, as well as from other parties who have an interest in their role as a teacher, and that they have had a voice in their evaluation. Careful consideration to levels of performance, weighting, and score combining were taken into account when designing the system alongside the evaluation being informed by multiple data sources.


This article was originally published in Canadian Music Educator, 53(1), 13-17. Copyright © 2011 by Amy Clements-Cortés. Reproduced with kind permission from the Canadian Music Educators' Association.