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Kinesiology and Physical Education and Health Sciences


Objectives: To examine the role of medication use and other factors in predicting activity restriction due to a fear of falling (AR/FF). Methods: Older adults were assessed twice with the interRAI Community Health Assessment and the Berg Balance Scale (BBS). The main outcome was limiting going outdoors due to an AR/FF. Medications were recorded by trained assessors. Results: Participants (n=441) had a mean age of 80.3 (sd=7.1) years, most were aged 65+ (96.8%) and 29.3% reported activity restriction. Taking nervous system active or cardiovascular medications was associated with AR/FF. In a multivariate model, the main predictors were having 3+ comorbid health conditions, lower (i.e., worse) scores on the BBS, having difficulty with climbing stairs, and having a visual impairment. Discussion: Modifiable risk factors, related to functional impairments, such as difficulties with balance and vision, appear to be more important predictors than medications.