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Diasporas are increasingly recognized as key development resources for low- and middle-income countries. Thus, governments in the Global South are turning to their own extra-national diasporic populations in order to boost economic development, build global trading and investment networks and increase their political leverage overseas. The main goals of the conference on Diasporas, Development and Governance in the Global South were to enhance international understanding of the role of diasporas in development, identify best practices for policy engagement of diasporas and facilitate Canadian diaspora engagement in development. The conference focused on three main areas:

  • Critical examination of efforts by international organizations and governments in the South and North to facilitate development in the Global South through engagement with diasporas;
  • Identification of new trends and best practices in diaspora engagement; and
  • Assessment of the current and potential role of migrant diasporas in Canada in the economic, social and political development of the Global South.

The conference was open to the public and brought together leading international researchers, policy makers, and diaspora organizations for a focused discussion and dialogue on the governance of diaspora engagement.