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This article offers a new theory regarding Thomas of Ireland's intention in compiling the Manipulus florum. Focusing on several passages from Thomas's Preface to this influential florilegium, the author proposes that it was not intended as a resource for sermon composition, as previously thought, but rather as a collection of authoritative quotations to be used by university students for the purpose of self-formation. While the evidence for its reception as a preaching aid indicates the importance of the entire text of the Manipulus for scholars of late medieval and early modem sermons, it is argued that thefifty-ftve quotations under the topic Predicado, an edition of which is provided in the Appendix to this article, are of particular interest in terms of how Thomas constructed this topic as a guide to aspiring and novice preachers.


This article was originally published in Medieval Sermon Studies, and is reproduced here with kind permission from the Taylor & Francis Group

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