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This article looks at one organization’s implementation of a satisfaction survey for all of its residents. It also explores how satisfaction ratings vary between complex continuing care (CCC) and long-term care (LTC) residents between residents with and without dementia.

Satisfaction with care at St. Joseph’s Health Centre (SJHC) Guelph was measured during the fall and winter of 2004/2005. A total of 107 residents and patients from both LTC and CCC were interviewed and 141 family members returned mailed surveys. Overall quality of care was rated highly by both residents and families. There were no statistically significant differences comparing LTC and CCC residents and only one comparing those with and without dementia. Within the area of medical care, 57.7% of residents with dementia compared to 78.0% of residents without dementia agreed they received therapy when needed (p=.03).

This information has been very valuable to SJHC staff and administrators as they strive to improve their quality of care. The project also highlights the important work that can be achieved through collaborations between researchers and health care providers.


This article was originally published in Senior Care Canada, 2008(1): 10-14. Reproduced with permission