Hungry Cities Partnership

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Hungry Cities Policy Briefs

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Balsillie School of International Affairs


■ Much focus has been accorded rural agriculture, both in the literature and in practice. Yet urban agriculture is both a viable and necessary area of focus as it pertains to food security in Jamaica.

■ An education and communication strategy is required to ensure that attitudes towards nutrition and poor food choices are changed (within the range of affordability) in efforts to achieve food security.

■ Given the threats posed by climate change, the development of urban agriculture should incorporate not only previously designated sites through zoning for small-scale livestock and produce rearing; it also should incorporate backyard farming/gardening, housetop farming, school gardens and composting, hydroponics, greenhouses, and rainwater harvesting consistent with Jamaica’s Vision 2030.

■ A comprehensive focus on urban agriculture must incorporate all relevant stakeholders including ministries; the National Water Commission; community organizations and faith-based organizations; global entities for resources and expertise; international and national funding agencies; and research institutions.