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Hungry Cities Report

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Balsillie School of International Affairs


This report should be read in conjunction with HCP Report No.1: The Urban Food System of Nanjing, China (Si et al 2016) and HCP Report No. 9: The State of Household Food Security in Nanjing, China (Si and Zhong 2018). The first report provides contextual background on the history, demography, and economy of Nanjing. It also contains a review of existing studies on Nanjing’s changing food system. The second summarizes the results of the household food security survey conducted in Nanjing in 2015. It provides essential information on the food purchase patterns of urban residents and highlights the importance of wet markets, street vendors, and small food shops in the city’s food system. Building on both, this report presents and analyzes the findings of a follow-up, city-wide survey of 864 small food vendors conducted by Nanjing University and the Hungry Cities Partnership (HCP) in Nanjing from January to March 2017.