Welcome to GreyZone, a project of the Laurier Library. GreyZone is a central, open space for the collection and dissemination of grey literature, either scanned from hard copy, or in electronic format.

The collection’s scope includes:

  • Discussion papers, occasional papers, research papers, and/or technical papers, especially those created by Laurier Faculty and researchers
  • Materials as above, and held by the Laurier Library

Out of scope material includes:

  • Collections not currently held by the library (e.g. collections of papers, photographs, and other documents held by emeriti faculty)
  • Journals and monographs published by recognized presses
  • Materials held in the Laurier Archives (unless specifically requested by the Head of Archives & Special Collections)
  • Government documents

Note: These files are available in multiple formats. PDF files are the preferred format and displayed most prominently in the record, but other formats are available for download, such as .txt, .epub, .jpg, and more.


Submissions from 1990


Pioneers of Modern Geography: Translations Pertaining to German Geographers of the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries, Robert C. West

Submissions from 1962


Studies in the geomorphology of the mountain regions of the Upper Indus basin, Kenneth Hewitt