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Master of Science (MSc)


Kinesiology and Physical Education


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Jill Tracey

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Thesis Supervisor


Information regarding the practice of athletic injury tracking within Canadian intercollegiate institutions has been relatively deficient. The study aimed to assess the current status of athletic injury tracking systems (AITS) in Canadian universities within the Canadian Interuniversity Sport Association (CIS). A secondary purpose was to obtain data from therapists within Canadian Universities, to identify and analyze issues, benefits, barriers and obtain information regarding how athletic injury tracking methods are conducted. This was achieved by obtaining data regarding the current state of AITS in CIS institutions, clinical demographics, athletic therapists and/or physiotherapists’ opinions regarding the pro’s and con’s of athletic injury tracking and AITS protocol implemented within each institution across the CIS. The study had a sample of 45 athletic therapists and/or physiotherapists, representing 38 universities that are members of the CIS. Results of this study suggest that there is no standard in place for athletic injury tracking in Canadian universities. Nine universities are currently tracking athletic injuries, while twenty-nine universities are not tracking athletic injuries through a formalized athletic injury tracking program. The majority of therapists recognized benefits of injury tracking and believed that injury prevention and injury management can be achieved though understanding trends that occur within athletic injuries. The three primary barriers reported as to why universities are not tracking athletic injuries were: time, funding, and resources. The results of the study indicated that although there are recognized barriers, the majority of responding therapists were interested in tracking athletic injuries within their respective institutions through a more formalized system. Additionally the majority of therapists indicated their interest in forming a collaboration to participate in a national injury tracking system among member institutions of the CIS.

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