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Master of Arts (MA)


Religion & Culture / Religious Studies


Faculty of Arts

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Peter Erb

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Thesis Supervisor


This thesis presents fourth century Alexandrian theologian and biblical commentator, Didymus the Blind (ca. 313-398), to English-language readers through a translation and study of his writing on 1 Corinthians 15. (This writing constitutes the bulk of what survives of Didymus’ 1 Corinthians commentary; some remarks on chapter 16 are also extant.) The translation represents the first appearance in English of any of Didymus’ works. After a brief introduction to Didymus, the translation of his 1 Corinthians 15 commentary is given in full. Then this text is studied by sections each following the format of (1) Greek text (copied from Karl Staab’s 1934 edition), (2) translation, and (3) analysis. The analysis attempts to make intelligible Didymus’ statements most often by showing how they are responses to beliefs, opinions, or concerns arising for Didymus from the Pauline text. An annotated bibliography of Didymus’ works and of works on Didymus follows. An index of all words of the Greek text, giving the page and line numbers of their occurrence in the Staab edition is appended.

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