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Master of Environmental Studies (MES)


Geography & Environmental Studies


Faculty of Arts

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Kevin Hanna

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Thesis Supervisor


Environmental impact assessment (EIA) is a tool which aims to make developments better by identifying, avoiding, and mitigating potential negative environmental impacts of projects and other action. With the 2010 Winter Olympic Games being held in the Vancouver to Whistler (sea-to-sky) corridor many developments have been initiated and EIA has played a role in 2010 site construction. Using case study analysis, legislative and literature reviews as well as open-ended interviews with key participants, stakeholders, and partners in the environmental impact assessment process, this study investigated the application of Canada’s and British Columbia’s environmental impact assessment legislations to the 2010 Olympic Games venues and infrastructure developments. The objective is to determine if best practices have been employed and all legislated requirements have been met.

The research has found, among other issues, that cumulative environmental assessment techniques have been restricted, follow-up measures are rarely implemented, monitoring requirements are poorly enforced, and that provincial and federal environmental assessment offices, and other government agencies, are hampered by capacity issues (monetary and personnel).

The findings present information that can be used to enhance federal-provincial environmental impact assessment coordination and enhance environmental impact assessment processes in Canada. This research also presents information which is suitable for assessing other spectacle events and multiple-site development projects across a range of jurisdictions.

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