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Master of Arts (MA)




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Chris Nighman

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Thesis Supervisor


This thesis is an analysis of the first edition of Jacob Stoer’s version of Manipulus florum, along with a comparison to an earlier edition (which served as Stoer’s proximate source), based on topics relevant to marriage and sexuality. Placing Stoer’s collection within the context of the Genevan printing industry and the Calvinist reforming of morals, this study sthows how a popular medieval florilegium was brought into the era of the Reformation and confessionalization.

Examining the physical characteristics of Stoer’s editorial work and the resultant effect on the message, it shows that, by employing a variety of editorial techniques, Stoer brough the Manipulus florum more into line with a Calvinist sexual ethic, creating not a thoroughly Calvinist text, but a collection of quotations that would have had pastoral and polemical value to Reformed ministers. To that end, this thesis also explores the various ways in which Stoer’s version could have been employed in Calvinist communities.

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