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Master of Theology (MTh)




Martin Luther University College

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Delton J. Glebe

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Thesis Supervisor


This is a study of Chinese congregations of Ontario in the context of the history of pastoral care. According to a historical review, there are three major practice paradigms of pastoral care in the Western church. The classical pastoral paradigm emphasizes a Christian message. The clinical paradigm emphasizes personality and relationships. The communal- contextual paradigm tries to cover a wholistic goal namely, message, person, and context. In the nineteenth century, the Chinese church integrated the classical paradigm into contemporary culture. A micro-ethnographic survey of the Chinese churches of Ontario has revealed that the pastors still practise care ministry in a classical paradigm and are unfamiliar with the clinical paradigm which prevails in the Western culture now. However, there are a lot of new changes all over the world and this will challenge the practice of pastoral care in both the clinical paradigm of the Western church and the classical paradigm of the Chinese church. With a view to the future, this research proposes the communal- contextual paradigm to the Chinese church in order to keep the function of both the classical and clinical paradigms, and to support new concerns regarding the communal and contextual issues.

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