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In this paper, I have no intention to write about Chinese culture as such. The only purpose is to arouse the interest of thinking about Chinese culture in relation to Christian Ethics. To begin with, I write about the structure of Chinese society in which family is the base of it. In order to relate how the spirit of hou is in relation with Chinese culture, I try to explain how the principle of hou knits the Chinese society together. Then I go on to show how hou is related to all aspects of Chinese social life and how hou is being practised in the daily living of the Chinese. Finally, I discuss the place of religion in Chinese society and from this I go on with the practise of ancestor worship in China and how this practise is in relation with hou. In the appendix, I analyze the different points of view of how the principle of hou is practised among the Chinese today. The final conclusion is that it is not so much a matter of what approach should be used but is the issue of how the spirit of hou is promoted and practised in whatsoever situation we find ourselves. The commitment to hou can build a bridge of understanding and acceptance even in times conflict. For me, the love and respect of God revealed through His Son to which the Bible gives witness is the most significant source to empower the spirit of hou.

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