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It is the task of this paper to demonstrate the thesis that a more holistic view of salvation can lead to a new understanding of the healing ministry of the Church. The ministry of healing is often fragmented due to sectarian loyalties, each practitioner concentrating almost exclusively on his own small terrain in the vast field of wholeness. In fact, the personality includes not only the physical body and the rational mind but also an insistent will to purpose that drives us on to our finest endeavour, that makes our lives ultimately meaningful in the face of disease and death that conclude all mortal existence. Salvation, as receiving back faith as God's gift, took many forms in the history of Jesus, especially in his healing activities. To interpret this point of view the theologies of Earth, Tillich and Schillebeeckx were brought in. The thesis shows how crucial the holistic character of salvation is for the healing ministry of the Church in an ethical perspective.

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