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Master of Theology (MTh)




Martin Luther University College

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Eduard R. Riegert

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Thesis Supervisor


The history of Protestant mission began when Korean people were suffering under Japanese colonial rule. The Bible was translated into Korean in Manchuria and Japan and following the first missionary Horace N. Allen (U.S. Korea missionary, 1884-1890) many Western missionaries began to arrive in Korea. As churches were built the need for Korean ministers necessitated establishment of theological seminaries and teaching of homiletics. History of preaching thus began. Charles A. Clark (U.S. Korea missionary, 1902-1948), who became the father of homiletics in Korea, taught the homiletic theories he studied earlier and his influence is still felt in Korea today. The preaching of the early missionaries was topical in type and legalistic in tone aimed to deliver the gospel of salvation. While the preaching of the Korean churches closely followed the examples of early missionaries, the Korean preachers gradually adapted their preaching according to the historical changes by adding themes on the actual everyday life of the believers. Preaching on the gospel of social salvation is increasing and even some exegetical preaching is used by some preachers. Korean churches must now try to introduce and implement institutional means to further develop preaching. Furthermore, there should be increased emphasis on social preaching and gospel preaching.

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