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Two studies sought to examine the relationship between new friendship quality and university adjustment. In Study 1, 706 students completed the Openness subscale of the NEO-FF Form S and the Openness to Friendship Scale in August 2005. In November, these students completed the Student Adaptation to College Questionnaire and the McGill Friendship Questionnaire-Friends Functions. Results indicated that a significant positive relationship existed between quality of new friendships and university adjustment. Significant differences emerged between commuter and residence students in terms of number of new friendships, openness to new friendships and adjustment. Study 2 consisted of an in-depth qualitative interview with 12 first-year university students to examine in more detail the relationship between quality of new friendships, and university adjustment. Many processes through which this relationship occurred were identified. In addition, a number of factors were found to influence friendship choices among first year university students and contribute to friendship progression. The present study contributed to the literature regarding friendship and university adjustment by identifying specific ways in which new friendships contribute to adjustment by allowing further understanding of the ways in which friendships develop and progress among first year university students.

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