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Master of Arts (MA)


Religion & Culture / Religious Studies


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Richard Crossman

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Thesis Supervisor


Education helps to shape the values and attitudes of students, and is therefore important in determining the values of society. For this reason, it is important for teachers to be aware of the philosophy of education which informs their teaching methods. It is also helpful if they are aware of other philosophies of education in order to get some perspective on their own views. To this end I have taken a critical look at the philosophy of Paulo Freire, an educator with excellent credentials who has some throught-provoking views on education. He is a Christian so he can provide a perspective on education for Christian teachers. However, since he is from the Third World, some of his ideas cannot be directly applied to North America. If they are, they might reinforce North Americans tendencies to narcissism and abuse of nature. Also Freire divides his world in oppressed and oppressor classes which is too simplistic for North American society. To modify Freire’s positions, I have integrated some of Jurgen Moltmann’s ideas. Moltmann provides cautions against narcissism and abuse of nature which North American people need. Moltmann also gives a more accurate picture of oppression in the First World, demonstrating that all people are simultaneously oppressed and oppressors. There are many levels of oppression, all of which must be addressed at once if a solution is to be found. Hope for solutions is found in a Christian theology of liberation. This integrated vision offers the basis for a liberating educational philosophy.

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