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Kim Roberts

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Thesis Supervisor


This study examined the ability of children aged 4-8 to recall temporal information verbally and using a visual 'time-line'. Forty-five children participated in an activity (making a picture of the sky at night) with the researcher, followed by a series of recall tasks. Children were asked to recall location, duration and sequencing information about single autobiographical events that parents provided, as well as single and repeated events from the activity. Results demonstrated developmental increases in children's ability to provide temporal information. The 7-8 year olds were always more accurate than the 5-6 year olds, followed by the 4 year olds. With respect to children's ability to provide recall of time information using a time-line or verbal recall, children were always able to provide more accurate details when using the time-line, with the exception of one of the sequencing tasks. In addition, children were able to sequence single actions with more accuracy than repeated actions.

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