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Master of Arts (MA)




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Geoffrey Nelson

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Thesis Supervisor


Community partnerships are growing in importance as means of improving social service delivery (Boudreau, 1991; MacGillivary & Nelson, 1998; McCann & Gray, 1986; Nelson, Prilletensky & MacGillivary, 2001; Wolff, 2001). Several research studies have identified them as effective means of intervention and for strengthening society (Nelson et al., 2001; Wandersman et al., 1996; Wolff, 2001). In this case study of the Hamilton-Wentworth Supported Housing Coordination Network, information was gathered from the participants in the partnership, documents and participant observation to reconstruct and analyze the partnership story. Current mental health housing policy in Ontario was also analyzed to determine its nature and influence on community initiatives for development. Findings revealed that the network's emergence was facilitated by a collective desire for change, which was expressed through enthusiastic participation and a favorable political climate. The motivations of those who initiated the process, factors that facilitated it and the challenges faced by the group are discussed. As well, the background and nature of current mental health housing policy and its influence on the emergence of the network are discussed.

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