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Master of Arts (MA)




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Eileen Wood

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Thesis Supervisor


Research drawn from both the sexuality and relationship literatures largely omits the experiences, attitudes, and issues of adult men. In addition, the information we have about males is typically generalized from either adolescent or university populations. Although existing research provides substantial information about the precursors to both adolescent males’ and females’ sexual activities, it is limited in its presentation of adult male experiences. The present study surveyed 190 men, ages 19 to 82, who completed questionnaires assessing their parents’ sexual views and communication, peer influences on sexuality, gender composition of friendship networks, and sexual and relationship histories. Descriptive information and variables predicting sexual behavior are presented. Parents were found to generally disapprove of sexual permissiveness, and men reported low rates and low comfort levels associated with parental sexual discussions. Very little peer sexual pressure was reported. Despite the limited contact from parents and peers, both influences predicted sexual behavior, thus suggesting that, although not the only sources of sexual information, parents and peers are likely important in influencing men's sexual behavior.

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