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Master of Arts (MA)




Faculty of Science

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Geoffrey Nelson

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Thesis Committee Member

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Susan James

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Thesis Committee Member

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Richard Walsh-Bowers

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Thesis Committee Member


In this thesis I describe my personal journey to come to some understanding about how l do community-oriented research, and why I do it the way I do. I engaged in a collaborative program evaluation with a self-help group for survivors of the mental health system. I describe the research project and the ways I reflected on the project to help me uncover some of the hidden assumptions and influences that have shaped me as a researcher until now. Then I discuss issues that arose for me as I engaged in the evaluation and illustrate them drawing on both my experience as a psychology student and my experience working on this particular project. Finally, I discuss the importance of this kind of learning experience for other community-oriented researchers as we struggle to do our work with integrity and honesty.

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