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Douglas McKenzie-Mohr

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Thesis Committee Member

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Edward Bennett

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Thesis Committee Member

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Richard Walsh-Bowers

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As the number and salience of environmental problems have increased so have the number of studies which investigate environmentally responsible behaviour. Hines (1984), after conducting a meta-analysis of this literature, identified crucial variables which predict responsible environmental behaviour. While Hines has proposed a crude model which contains the variables thought to explain this type of behaviour, she has failed to hypothesize about the relationships that exist amongst many of these variables. The present study, therefore, was designed to develop a more elaborate model which attempts to explain some of these relationships, as well as predict responsible environmental behaviour. The sample consisted of students, staff and faculty at Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU). Results from a series of multiple regressions, zero-order correlations, and partial correlations revealed that a sense of Personal Responsibility, Knowledge of Action Strategies, Worry, and Age were direct predictors of Responsible Environmental Behaviour, while several other variables indirectly predicted this type of behaviour. Implications for educators, activists and policy-makers are discussed. For example, greater knowledge of the foremost variables related to environmental activism can be significant in developing educational materials that are most likely to inform, as well as mobilize citizens. In addition, several findings specific to WLU will be used to inform decisions made by the administration’s “3 Rs Committee” at WLU.

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