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Master of Arts (MA)




Faculty of Science

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Geoffrey Nelson

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Thesis Supervisor


This thesis presents an evaluation of primary prevention intervention working towards ending men’s violence against women. In 1995, a committee was created by the Waterloo Regional Public Education Committee for the Prevention of Violence and Oppression Against Women and Children to develop a presentation kit on the topic of men’s violence against women. The presentation kit is to be used by staff and volunteers from the local agencies in talking to groups of men about violence against women. The presentation kit provides background materials about violence against women, the philosophy behind the development of the kit, instructions on how to begin the presentation, tips about speaking to groups of men, and six different presentation exercises that can be used to develop presentations for groups of men. The presenters are free to choose as many of the exercises as they would like, depending upon the purpose of the presentation and the time available. This thesis presents a process evaluation of the presentation kit. I explore the literature research regarding the men who use abuse and the programs created to treat them. I compare the lessons from this literature with the content of the presentation kit. I discuss the process of the development of this kit and the process that we used to create this resource. I share the findings of an evaluation of the presentation kit itself, drawing on data collected from men who participated in a presentation, potential presenters who attended a one day training workshop, and members of the large public education committee. In this thesis, I share with the reader my experiences during the thesis process at both an emotional and an intellectual level. I call this the difference between lessons learned in my head and lessons learned in my heart. I share my struggle with how to integrate these different experiences of the information and process in a way that provides a more complete understanding of the issue of violence against women and how I was affected by process of development of this primary prevention intervention. In the conclusion I integrate the meaning of this process of learning for me. I discuss why the intervention is important and I suggest further steps towards ending men’s violence against women.

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