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Master of Arts (MA)




Faculty of Science

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Geoffrey Nelson

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Thesis Supervisor


This paper describes an evaluation of the Community Aftercare Program, a program of the Canadian Mental Health Association, Waterloo Region. This case management program offers long-term support to psychiatrically disabled adults who were once hospitalized and now live in this community. Ten people from the Community Aftercare Program and ten individuals who were on the waiting list for the program were interviewed for this static group comparison design. Using a stakeholder approach, data were collected on measures of hospitalization, adaptive functioning, community integration, social support networks, employment, housing, service use, and quality of life. Results indicated that the program clients had fewer days of hospitalization after entering the program. They also had a better quality of housing, felt better about their housing, and were more satisfied with the way they spend their spare time than the waiting list group. Qualitative data suggested that there was less variability in functioning of the program clients are compared to people on the waiting list. Limitations of the waiting list as a comparison group and recommendations for future evaluations are discussed.

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