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Master of Arts (MA)




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Frederick R. Binding

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Thesis Supervisor


The purpose of this research was to determine to what extent the clients of the Ontario March of Dames – Assistive Device Program experienced negative reactions to aid across three conditions: 1) no reciprocity condition, 2) voluntary reciprocity condition and 3) financial reciprocity condition. Dependent variable measures assessing negative reactions to aid were: a) self-esteem scores on the Phillips Self-Acceptance Scale (Phillips, 1951), b) length of delay to approach the program, c) feelings of approaching the agency as measured by a seven item, five point semantic differential scale and reason for delay if any was indicated, and d) choice for future request of aid. Subjects meeting sampling criteria were administered the questionnaire by mail. The findings indicated that no significant differences exist across reciprocity conditions. Some negative reactions to aid outlined in previous research were exhibited in the total sample however. The results suggest that although reciprocity conditions do not appear to be a significant factor moderating recipient reactions to aid in this study, the negative reactions to aid exhibited by the sample as a whole may have significant meaning for the current providers of such aid.

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