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Master of Arts (MA)


Geography & Environmental Studies


Faculty of Arts

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Robert Sharpe

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Thesis Supervisor


In Geneva (Switzerland), some of the elderly live in housing built especially for this category of the population. Most of this housing is located in the city centre, is close to all services, and has good access to public transportation. However, we observe spatial and social segregation between the elderly who live in retirement housing and the population of their neighbourhood. The aims of this research are to examine the barriers and meeting-points between the elderly who live in these apartments and the population of their neighbourhood, to identify the factors that lead these elderly to be segregated, and to understand how these factors interact. For example, this research indicates that factors such as architectural barriers, difficulty in adapting oneself to new situations, and moving to retirement housing significantly contribute to segregation of people who live in retirement housing. To collect data, a multi-method research approach was used: archival methods (retirement housing's guides), direct observation (retirement buildings and their neighbourhood), and open-ended interviews (staff and residents of retirement housing).

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