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Master of Environmental Studies (MES)


Geography & Environmental Studies


Faculty of Arts

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Michael Imort

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Thesis Supervisor


This thesis uses dynamic cartography and temporal geographic information systems (GIS) to explore visualization of the industrial development of Kitchener, Ontario. The discussion centres on the nature of dealing with temporal data in geography. This project addresses this issue by constructing a temporal dataset that accounts for the historical location of industrial/manufacturing businesses in Kitchener. Based on this temporal data, animated visualizations are then constructed that show the cadence and distribution of industrial development in Kitchener. The visualization process used by this project makes use of the inherent temporality of GIS to plan and construct animated visualizations in a way that is practical, if operationally complex, for individual researchers. Attention is focused on the gathering of temporal data, the implications of modifying these data for animation purposes, and the construction of the animations themselves. The lacks of an integrated approach to temporal geospatial analysis is underscored by visualizations of growth and change in urban spaces.

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