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Master of Environmental Studies (MES)


Geography & Environmental Studies


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Mary-Louise Byrne

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Thesis Supervisor


This thesis describes the geomorphological changes to a trough blowout in Pinery Provincial Park's sand dunes. The Park is located on Lake Huron’s southeastern shore where, due to rapid changes in Lake Huron water levels, a study could be completed examining the changes to blowout morphology based on the change in beach sediment supply. The study took place during relative low Lake Huron levels (1999-2000) and was compared to data collected during a period of relative high Lake Huron levels (1994-1995). Field research included erosion pin measurement to monitor and verify morphological change through the throat of the blowout, aeolian sediment trap volume measurements and grain size analysis, and three-dimensional mapping to calculate areas of erosion and deposition by volumetric analysis. Erosion occurred through the blowout throat during both study periods but less so during the low lake level study period. The increased beach sediment supply provided a catalyst for increased deposition landward and lakeward of the foredune ridge during the low lake level period. More beach sediment migrated through the blowout and onto the landward side of the blowout crest during the low lake level period.

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Geomorphology Commons