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Master of Environmental Studies (MES)


Geography & Environmental Studies


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D. Scott Slocombe

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Thesis Supervisor


Knowledge of physical and chemical process ongoing within an environment is an important step towards proper environmental management. Basin Head, Prince Edward Island is in the process of becoming a Marine Protected Area (MPA) and therefore a comprehensive management plan will need to be completed. The area contains a unique strain of Irish Moss (Chrondrus crispus Stackhouse) that is an important marine plant used in various industries. A study was conducted during the summer of 2000 to assess the basic physical and chemical conditions within the Basin Head Lagoon and surrounding stream inputs. The purpose of the study was to determine the impact, if any, that the surrounding streams have on the lagoon environment. The study examined rainfall, stream discharge, stream nutrients, and sediment loads, along with nutrient chemistry and bathymetry of the lagoon. Results were compared to a study conducted in 1979 to examine changes over the past 21 years. The results indicate that streams do have an impact on the nutrient levels found within the lagoon. This is significant, as the nutrient levels found within the Basin Head Lagoon have been increasing over the years. Stream nutrient levels are higher than both the recommended concentrations suitable for freshwater environments and other freshwater systems around Prince Edward Island. Management within the watershed is necessary in order to decrease the levels of nutrients entering the lagoon. Some management strategies such as buffer zones and crop rotation have recently been implemented in the area. Future monitoring of the watershed is necessary to determine if these strategies will be enough to reduce stream nutrient concentrations.

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