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Master of Environmental Studies (MES)


Geography & Environmental Studies


Faculty of Arts

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Mary-Louise Byrne

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Thesis Supervisor


Beaches, and in particular sand dunes, are extremely fragile environments, easily altered by human activities. Intensive use of the beach/dune complex at Killbear Provincial Park near Parry Sound, Ontario may have led to the severe degradation of its dune system within Kilcoursie Bay. At present the dunes have been degraded back to an embryonic state, and as a result it is necessary to consider the development of management strategies before the system is completely destroyed. In order to develop effective management strategies however, it is necessary to understand how the natural process of the system work and the specific effects human activities are having. Unfortunately no information is currently available on the coastal processes active within Kilcoursie Bay. It will therefore be necessary to conduct studies to determine these processes, and to observe human activities on the beach to establish patterns of movement through the dunes and areas of particularly intense use. Once this has been accomplished several management techniques, to repair and reduce the human impacts on the system, will be developed and presented to park managers.

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