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Master of Environmental Studies (MES)


Geography & Environmental Studies


Faculty of Arts

First Advisor

Barbara Carmichael

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Thesis Supervisor


The goals of this project are to apply and assess the applicability of the World Conservation Union (1 UCN) Commission for National Parks and Protected Area Guidelines for Economic Assessment of Protected Areas to Awenda Provincial Park, and to compare the results with existing studies on valuing protected areas. This project explores the value of tourism and recreation at Awenda Provincial Park, and the expression of the value of natural areas in economic terms through the application of the CNPPA Guidelines. This project is an initial inquiry into the applicability of the CNPPA guidelines, and is based on data from one year of user surveys to an Ontario Provincial Park, with a purpose of evaluating the method, not the resulting values. The contribution made by this thesis includes recommendations for future economic studies of protected areas to undertake a Research Assessment and Design with careful consideration of the factors influencing the study. Recommendations specific to Awenda Provincial Park include developing a greater link with the local area in regards to research and monitoring of natural areas—paying close attention to local initiatives and interests —and to develop cooperative research and monitoring arrangements for Awenda Provincial Park and other natural areas.

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