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Master of Arts (MA)


Geography & Environmental Studies


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Barry Boots

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Thesis Supervisor


Rapid population growth rates coupled with low levels of economic development in developing countries have created among others immense obstacles to the provision of adequate housing to the majority of residents. Population growth rates are growing faster than the provision of new housing and housing infrastructure. This has resulted in intensive usage of the existing stock of housing and deterioration of housing environments. Some of the manifestations of housing and residential land use intensification are increasing room occupancy levels, in—situ housing adjustments involving physical changes in housing space and housing space conversions. Intensification of residential land use also has environmental impacts such as increasing problems of waste disposal. Given the predominance of existing housing stock in providing housing space in any given year, it is crucial for housing policy' and programme development to identify the factors which facilitate the efficient provision of housing space from the existing stock of housing. This study undertaken in Ghana examines the phenomenon of housing and residential land use intensification under different socio-economic contexts and primarily seeks an insight into the factors of residential change. Income, housing space availability, room occupancy level, level of change in household size, length of residence and tenure are individually identified as being significant factors of residential change. Household size stress (which directly reflects the impact of population growth) is identified as providing motivation for the undertaking of housing change. Logistic regression modelling further isolates the most significant variables influencing residential change and indicates that security of tenure is an essential prerequisite for effective provision of housing from the existing stock.

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