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Master of Arts (MA)


Geography & Environmental Studies


Faculty of Arts

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Pavlos Kanaroglou

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Thesis Supervisor


The for-hire motor carrier industry is a vital component of the Ontario economy. The industry is presently going through a period of instability brought about by a variety of changes. This research deals with one such change, namely, recent changes in the economic regulation of the for-hire industry. This research focuses on the impact of this regulatory reform on the industry and on the Province in general. The two main issues identified in past research include the impact of regulatory reform on the rates for trucking service, and the impact on service to small/remote areas. An improved methodology for examining rate levels is utilized to analyze the 1987 T.O.D. (Trucking Origin-Destination Survey) data for intraprovincial shipments in Ontario. This analysis supports the existence of rate differentials based on commodity type, area size and location, and shipment type (Truckload, Less-Than Truckload). In previous research, these differentials have been linked with the impact of regulation and this work suggests that these impacts are worthy of further investigation once the data, necessary to conduct a before and after comparison of the industry with regard to regulatory reform, becomes available.

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