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Master of Arts (MA)


Geography & Environmental Studies


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Alfred Hecht

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Thesis Supervisor


This study examines the material linkage patterns of a sample of 80 high technology establishments located in the Toronto Census Metropolitan Area (CMA). The main focus of the research is to relate the spatial spread of linkages to aspects of plant structure, most notably ownership. In addition, an attempt is made to compare linkage arrangements of firms in Toronto with other regional studies of high technology industry. The results reveal the expected linkage patterns with respect to ownership. Foreign owned companies show much lower levels of purchasing and selling within the Toronto economy than domestic firms. Further dimensions of plant structure were found to have differential impacts on linkages within the two ownership categories. An important finding here was that research and development spending is significantly related to local input linkages only among domestic plants. In addition, the degree of purchasing autonomy granted to foreign plants was found to have a major effect on their local purchasing patterns. Such findings have important implications for regions attempting to generate high technology growth since only certain types of high technology firms are shown to induce spatially concentrated backward and forward linkages.

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