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Master of Arts (MA)


Geography & Environmental Studies


Faculty of Arts

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Graham Smith

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Thesis Supervisor


In northern Ontario, long distances, harsh climatic and physiographic conditions and sparse population make transportation costly and problematic. This thesis examines the problem of orphan roads. An orphan road leads to a small, unincorporated community, but it is not under any type of road maintenance agreement. Five such roads were not under agreement for the 1982-1983 winter. These roads led to Biscotasing, Hillsport, Auden, Oba and Pagwa River. With the exception of Pagwa River, a case study of each situation was carried out to gain a clearer understanding of the problem in order that recommendations could be made. major recommendations involve changing the role of the Ministry of Natural Resources in regard to access road maintenance, solving logistical problems associated with grader locations, and creating a system by which corporate users of local community access roads pay a higher share of road maintenance costs. Although the ultimate decision rests with Government officials, the matter of special subsidies, to account for factors such as distance and logistics, is also discussed.

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