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Master of Arts (MA)


Geography & Environmental Studies


Faculty of Arts

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Alfred Hecht

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Thesis Supervisor


This thesis performs a spatial analysis of Ontario’s structure of ethnic stratification. It examines several spatial manifestations of the contrasts in socio-economic well-being—income, education, and occupation—between Ontario’s British majority and seven ethnic minority categories. The major data source for this analysis includes published Canadian Census data and special tabulations of the 1971 Census. Regional patterns of spatial distribution shown by the various ethnic categories are described and compared using location quotients and the centrographic statistical technique. Applying a core-periphery model of regional structure and development, a tendency was found for ethnic categories of subordinate socio-economic status to be disproportionately concentrated in Ontario’s geographic periphery of northern Ontario. On the other hand, ethnic minorities with a socio-economic status similar to that of the British majority were shown to be more spatially integrated within the Toronto-centred core of southern Ontario.

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