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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Community Psychology


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Dr. Melody Morton Ninomiya

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Dr. Manuel Riemer

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Dissertation Commitee Advisor

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Dr. Monnica Williams

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Dissertation Committee Advisor


As a registered psychotherapist and art therapist, my clinical training, a decade of clinical experience, and time spent conducting research as a doctoral student in community psychology has led me to question whether the current psychotherapeutic practice is an appropriate fit for racialized communities, specifically for addressing experiences of racial trauma. To better understand how psychotherapists and their training in Ontario prepare them to work with(in) racialized communities who experience racial trauma, I conducted a mixed-method research study. My research objectives were to 1) complete a review of existing information on how racial trauma is addressed in psychotherapy, 2) engage with a community of psychotherapists to learn about their knowledge, attitudes and current practice on racial trauma, and 3) develop and assess a series of training workshops for psychotherapists focused on racial trauma in psychotherapy. Further, I developed my theoretical framework, which includes critical race scholarship, liberation psychology, Black-feminist psychology and intersectionality that assisted in bridging the gaps between clinical and community practice and understanding.

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