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Master of Arts (MA)



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Community Psychology


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Dr. Simon Coulombe

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Dr. Robb Travers

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Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) are an under researched area when it comes to workplace wellbeing in Canada. The current research used the Job-Demands Resource Framework (JD-R) to study how a Community Psychology concept, sense of mattering, relates to workload, and indicators of wellbeing (i.e., burnout and flourishing). Specifically, this study tested whether sense of mattering moderates the association between workload and both burnout and flourishing. Moderated mediation models were also tested to see if workload is indirectly associated with burnout and flourishing through distress, while being moderated by sense of mattering. Questionnaires were administered to 2,500 Canadian SME workers at a single time point. No interaction effects were found for mattering as a moderator. Greater workload was directly associated with higher burnout and weaker sense of flourishing. Workload was indirectly associated with burnout and flourishing via distress. Post-hoc analyses revealed that workload had an indirect effect on burnout via mattering and distress. The findings of this study expand on prior research by testing specific interacting components of the JD-R theory and incorporating relevant community psychology principles. These findings may also have practical applications for understanding and improving individual wellbeing and organizational outcomes.

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